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Howell Tile and Grout CleaningCleaning your Howell tile and grout yourself can be a trial and actually end up causing more damage to your property rather than helping it. Even with a whole host of chemicals and semi-professional methods to sanitize your New Jersey home, there are still some instances where there simply seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. Incredibly severe cases of mildew, mold, deterioration and staining might seem hopeless, but before you consider tearing down your tile and replacing it, which can be a time and money consuming project, think about a professional Howell tile & grout cleaning service.

Many carpet cleaning services offer tile cleaning as well, but can also damage the tile and grout by shooting high-pressure steam into the grout, breaking it up and letting moisture seep into the backing of the floor. It is very important that you choose a cleaning service which specialized in tile and grout, and preferably one with a well-known history and a wealth of experience in the area.

Howell Tile and Grout CleaningAfter an initial inspection of the area, the company will discuss a number of different options and the most proper cleaning method that should be undertaken. Spots, stains and other discolored areas are inspected and given a pre-soaking spray using a proprietary green and environmentally safe product and allowed to sit. After spraying with a safe higher pressured cleaning rinse to remove surface dirt and remove water, the corners and baseboards are also thoroughly cleaned and examined for damage. To prevent more moisture damage, the area is very efficiently dried and the grout lines are re-sealed to preserve the deep clean and prevent future damage.

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Why Howell Should Hire Us For Their Tile & Grout Cleaning

  • Tile & grout steam cleaning is carried out by using vaporized steam - super-heated, low-moisture "dry" steam. This means that once the steam cleaner have finished their work, there will be very little moisture remaining in grout lines or on tiles. This low vapor content is greatly beneficial since excess water content can seriously damage grout. In addition, less moisture also means that you have less watery mess to clean up later.
  • To maintain such constantly high temperatures of steam, the boiler of steam cleaners must be free from any buildup. This is why the latest models of commercial steam cleaning equipment from top suppliers now feature boilers with self-cleaning technology to resist the harmful buildup of scale deposits. This way, the steam cleaning machines continue to generate maximum temperatures.
  • Since vaporized steam is extremely hot, it naturally eliminates most bacteria, germs, mites and mildew that exist on your floors. In addition, certain reputed suppliers now offer a range of steam cleaners that can eliminate 99.9% of harmful pathogens and disease-causing bacteria. To ensure this effect of disinfecting, you need to make sure that you purchase top-grade steam cleaners that specially mention their germ-elimination capability. This is particularly applicable if you intend to purchase industrial steam cleaners for use in food manufacturing plants.
  • The latest models of steam cleaners from top suppliers now feature advanced cleaning technologies to extract dirt deep from within the tiles in a way a mop or sponge can never do.
  • One important feature to pay attention to is steam volume. The best steam cleaning machines from top suppliers generate steam volumes of 200% more than standard brands. This increased volume makes cleaning more efficient.

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