3 Important Reasons Why You Should Have Your Carpets Cleaned This Fall

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Howell Carpet CleaningHere at Steam Team, we understand that fall can be a busy time for most of you, and you likely already have a great deal on your plate. With the kids back in school, fall sports, and holiday shopping and decorating, it can be tough sometimes to find the time to get other things around the house done. Unfortunately, there are things around the house that require your attention, especially so in the fall, and one of them happens to be your home’s carpets. While it is important to keep your carpets clean all throughout the year, the fall is one of the most important times of the year to do so for a number of different reasons. If you are still on the fence about whether or not you should make the call to our team of carpet cleaning professionals this fall, take the time to read through this short list that our team of experts have taken the time to put together that highlights just a few of the reasons that add up to make fall one of the most important times of year to call in the pros and have your carpets cleaned.

Your Carpets Take A Serious Beating In The Fall

As we all know, fall is the time of year for falling leaves and a great number of other forms of natural debris, which can all be easily tracked into your home by children, pets, or anyone that doesn’t take the time to thoroughly wipe off their feet every time they come inside the house. Your carpets aren’t invincible, and all of that dirt and other organic debris can contaminate the fibers of your carpet surprisingly easy. Not only does this lead to a dingy and dirty look for your carpets, but it is also quite unhealthy for both you and your family to sit and walk on. When you add in the mud, slush, and salt that you are likely to find on the ground in the winter, you have a recipe on your hands that could spell doom for your carpets entirely. Taking the time now to get them nice and clean this fall will go a long way in helping to protect them and keep them looking their best in the long run.

Dirty Carpets Are Loaded With Grim & Pollutants

When your carpets get loaded down with all of these pollutants and the grime from outside your home, it doesn’t just look bad, but it can also do serious damage to the structure of your carpet as well. When these kinds of particles lodge themselves into your carpets, they tend to act more like sandpaper than anything else, and the more you walk over them, the more damage they are going to inflict on your carpets as a whole. Since you and your family are likely going to be spending more time around the home in the fall, it is extremely important to make sure you keep your carpets cleaned, otherwise you could be doing a tremendous amount of irreparable damage with every step you take in your home.

Your & Your Family Are Going To Be Indoors More

If you are like most homeowners, you and your family are likely going to be spending a bit more time indoors during the fall and winter months that you did during the summer, and with all of that extra time in your home, it is going to be more and more important to ensure that the air quality of your home is safe for you and your family alike. Whether you realize it or not, dirty carpets including upholstery are one of the leading causes of poor indoor air quality. Taking the time this fall to ensure your carpets get a professional clean will not only make the interior of your home look better for all of your family gatherings this fall, but it will also ensure that you and your family won’t be breathing in contaminated air on a daily basis as well.

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