Steam Team Doesn’t Cheat On Your Ocean Township Carpet Cleaning

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carpet-cleaning-ocean-townshipSome carpet cleaners won’t really clean your carpet. When you’re looking for an Ocean Township Carpet Cleaning company you can trust, it may not be so easy! We were never so surprised to hear from a colleague of ours who lives in another state as she discussed what she found during her years as a property manager for investment property owners who rented out residential homes and apartments.

She spoke of a time when she was going through the process of trying to find the right carpet cleaning professionals for her clients. Maintaining around 150 units for 11 different clients including a couple of small apartment complexes, a few duplexes, and many homes, she would call for carpet cleaning services when renters moved out.

She was telling us of how frustrated she was because of the bad experiences they kept having with Ocean Township carpet cleaning professionals who just couldn’t seem to get the job done well.

While we commiserate with her dilemma, it’s easy to understand because rental properties go through a lot of abuse and with the common low quality carpeting, it’s hard to get and keep it clean. But we were shocked that this problem didn’t have anything to do with the carpeting, but more with what type of service those in our industry were providing for property managers.

Getting Involved in the Carpet Cleaning Process

She went through several companies and couldn’t understand some of the results she was getting so she decided to be a little more involved in investigating their work, and what they did, while on the job, so she watched them perform the work without their knowledge.

The companies would show up well enough for the work, but many surprised her with what they did. She discovered varying degrees of questionable work practices which included passing over the carpeting with no cleaning solutions or odor control solutions, only long enough to get the carpet wet!

All said, the companies she had come across were charging competitive rates but cheating her on workmanship. While some would spend time on high traffic areas, others simply skimmed over everything in about ten minutes. They simply chose to not spend the time and effort needed to give a proper cleaning! This dishonesty only gives the industry a bad name and damages the belief of potential customers who now think there’s no way to truly get carpeting clean.

Just hearing from her made us understand how many homeowners probably get the same kind of treatment, with quick walk-throughs by technicians who are only interested in dragging the cleaner around on the high traffic areas, manipulating the carpet long enough for it to look clean but not BE clean.

You’ll never see that kind of workmanship at Steam Team. We use the proper practices we’re trained to use when we steam clean your carpets. Plus, we employ the highest skilled professional technicians who have experienced knowledge about your carpet material, no matter what it’s made of.

When you need professional results and are questioning the results or practices of your current carpet cleaner, give our experts a call and we’ll show you what a difference clean carpet will make for your home or investment properties. At Steam Team, you’ll never find us cutting corners or skimping on time when it comes to cleaning your carpeting, floors, upholstery, or any other cleaning project you need!

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